This is my first original resin kit, I wanted this figure because I liked so much "Mohu tsukai ni taisetsu na koto" (Someday's dreamer), it's a very cute anime.
This kind of figures it's rare to find in re-cast, becuase they are the kind of figure that no many people buy.
Between re-cast and original there is not so much difference just a fancy box and the brand carving down under the base.
Why I choose yellow for the brick, well I have some images from the tv series you may see them bellow.
It was airbrushed, the hair it's a little too dark, even the shadows I added it's difficult to see them, I had so much trouble with the skirt color, I could give the color that it's supposed to be, butI like the final work; the hair was a big trouble, it's too thin and easy to break, furtunatelly the hair it's intact every piece in it's place.
The big suitcase was not a problem, just a big cube to paint.

Enamels: Characteristics and Accesories
-Testors: Bright Blue-Tamiya: Flat YellowKotobukiya
-Testors: Flat Black-Tamiya: BorwnScale:1/8
-Testors: Flat White-Testors: Flat TanHeight: 21cm
-Testors: Green-Tamiya: Flat FleshPieces: 18
-Tamiya: Flat AluminumOrigianl Resin Kit

Esmaltes: Caracteristicas y Accesorios
-Testors: Azul brillante-Tamiya: amarillo mateKotobukiya
-Testors: Negro mate-Tamiya: CaféEscala: 1/8
-Testors: Blanco mate-Testors: SienaAltura: 21cm
-Testors: Verde-Tamiya: Piel matePiezas: 18
-Tamiya: Alumino mateOrigianl Resin Kit