This figure was a commission, not easy to buld too many small pieces (belts) ans not easy to add the line units, the phots shown are before the customer asked me for decals, he said that the eyes were not good that he wanted decals, that made me very upset, but he was the customer and he will pay the extra for the decal this is the image from the eyes with decals, he said that she was amazing, but you may judge

Enamels: Accesories: Characteristics:
Model Master: White Testors: Navy Line units 0.5mm scale: 1/7
Mr color: flourescent green Model master: Pink Acrilyc mirror base Pieces: 35
Testors: browm Testors: Orange Height: 28cm
Model Master black Mr color Flesh 51 Extra decals
Testors: Flat sky blue Mr color Chrome silver SOLD